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Screening and Psychiatric Drugging of Children
Children's Deaths Caused From ADD & ADHD Drugs
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ADHD Testing

Many waste a great deal of money for psychological ADHD testing for their child. Save your money to find underlying health conditions or learning differences.

Many waste a great deal of money for psychological ADHD testing for their child. Save your money to find underlying health conditions or learning differences.

There is a myth that psychological ADHD testing will reveal some underlying", default", and previously unknown, truth about what is really wrong with your child. And, in some undefined way this will help.

The majority of real available treatments for children labeled ADHD are listed on this website. Psychological ADHD testing evaluations are subjective and a waste of money.

Most attention deficit hyperactivity disorder "testing" consists of a checklist of behavior observed at home and in the classroom and filled out by parents and teachers, respectively. The Connors is the most common. Occasionally a more traditional battery of ability and personality tests will be suggested.

It only summarizes what you already know, but it sounds better, more authoritative and meaningful if it is read to you by a doctor. You know what your child’s problems are before your take him for testing, or you wouldn’t be taking him. After you pay your money, you will have a piece of paper that tells you the things you knew before testing, only in fancier words. This is not a very good return for you investment of time and money.

You know your child better then anybody; so many children are misdiagnosed and drugged because of psychological ADHD testing like mentioned above.

A child could have some learning differences or a real health condition like sensitivities to foods, skeletal problems, hearing or vision problems a nutritional deficiency, speech and language difficulties.

I remember before my son died from Ritalin used for ADHD he would really get wound up if he had sugar or milk.

The psychiatric community doesn't normally mention doing ADHD testing for the things I mentioned, could it be because it would cut into their business?

As I mentioned Psychiatric ADHD testing is subjective, if they say a child is ADHD the child will most likely end up on a lethal psychotropic drug.

If a person has diabetes and they lack insulin the person will take insulin. So if a is diagnosed with ADHD by some ADHD test does that mean their body lacks Strattera, Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Metadate, Dexedrine or Focalin? NO all these drugs do is mask learning differences and real health issues.

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