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Screening and Psychiatric Drugging of Children
Children's Deaths Caused From ADD & ADHD Drugs
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Shiatsu Massage Loungers Offer Real Results!

You might pass massage loungers at the mall, but you probably consider them just a novelty item – nothing that might provide you with actual benefits to your physical health. But do you ever come home from work or school feeling tired and overwhelmed? The stresses and demands of the day can leave you with less energy and focus than you should have. Studies have shown that “methods” to increase efficiency such as multitasking and longer workdays actually add to stress levels, which can affect your health both emotionally and physically. Add to that the effects of sitting hunched over your computer all day, moving heavy equipment, or carrying a load of books, and at the end of the day you’re likely to be both exhausted AND sore!

Why not relax while listening to soothing music or watching your favorite movie or TV show, while a high quality shiatzu massage chair eases your tension away? The techniques of Shiatsu massage incorporate centuries of therapy based on principles of Eastern medicine. In these theories, energy enriches the body through main channels or meridians. At times of stress or illness, the body’s energy flows can become imbalanced due to blockages in these channels. We often feel these blockages as tenderness in our pressure points, of which there are over 350 throughout our meridians. Shiatsu massage loungers apply concentrated pressure to these areas of  blockage, easing them away and restoring ideal energy flow. After sitting in a massage lounger, you’re likely to start feeling more relaxed within just a few minutes. But with continued use, loungers can provide significant changes in your physical well-being. Reported benefits include measurable decrease in back and neck pain, headaches, stress and anxiety and insomnia; lower blood pressure; and greater flexibility.

But what exactly does Shiatsu massage entail? The word itself means “finger pressure,” which provides a good mental image of how it works. Our massage loungers feature technology that replicates the methods of Shiatsu massage, such as applying direct pressure, as well as the fingers, thumbs, forearms, palms, and elbows, which are all used to stimulate the body’s restorative capability. When deciding on which Shiatsu massage lounger will work for you, consider how lifelike it is – many loungers offer technology that simulates the sophisticated movements of the human wrist – and how well it adapts to your body size and shape. Body scanning technology is an important feature for many massage lounger buyers.

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