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Children's Deaths Caused From ADD & ADHD Drugs
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Dear Mr. Smith,

We were informed today that we need to start the use of Ritalin on our 7 year old son - he is apparently suffering from a mild case of ADHD. I have heard many bad stories about this drug and so I started doing some internet research on the issue.

First of all I was informed that there are some hormonal remedies that might do the trick. I decided also to look what the internet had to say about Ritalin. The first article I read was the one about Mathew. My mind is made up: I AM NOT GOING TO LET MY SON BE POISONED BY RITALIN!!!

I believe that I was lead to see your article first and I want to thank you for writing about Mathew. Bless his soul.

Warm regards,

Natasja Brom
Sea of Galilea, Israel

Just a brief note to let you know that I really appreciate your website. It has given me some great info to cite in my papers as I am getting ready to receive my associates degree and move on to a four year college where I will be studying for psychology. My goal is to work with children who have ADD/ADHD to live productive lives with little or no help for stimulants. On this the morning of my persuasive speech, I want to thank you for so much info. I realize how hard it is to lose a family member. It is great that this is the way you have chosen to cope. Again thank you.


My name is Marc 8 of my 9 children are on some kind of stimulant to control their behavior. My ex-wife is a big believer in using these drugs on the kids. I am fighting for custody of two of my children to get them off the drugs.

Thank you for your web site.


I want to thank you for your web site. We are all under the impression that just because we are prescribed something, it must be ok to take. I feel for the people who have lost children from long term uses of these drugs. I think it is an absolute outrage that the FDA is allowing drugs like this to pass through. I know that this drug can cause serious chemical imbalances in adulthood as well if used for a long time as a child.

Again I would just like to say thank you for allowing people to understand that there is no such thing as a "safe" medicine. You have encouraged me to further check out anything I am prescribed. Also when I have children to watch what I am giving them. We are so trusting of the "professionals".



I could not agree with you more!  I take every opportunity I can to tell
parents about this horrible crime against our children. Thanks for this


THANK YOU so much for your website and work to educate parents on the atrocity of plying our children with narcotics. How hypocritical are our schools today, promoting "DARE" drug abstinence programs while insisting that parents drug their children! When our son was in Kindergarten, the school asked us to have him tested. We took him to the Developmental Center at Children's Hospital for an evaluation. At the end, we were told that there was nothing wrong with our son, that schools don't want to deal with typical "boy behavior", active, or bored children. Our boy is very intelligent, energetic, but is easily bored. As an only child (who's been indulged by his Mom), he's used to getting his way. We have also spoken with Pediatricians who are concerned with schools attempting to prescribe mind-altering drugs for children (just when their little brains are developing).

It is simply criminal that our schools are pressing parents to drug their children. We were thrilled to hear today that Canada has stopped distribution of Adderall. We understand that Ritalin is responsible for many more deaths than those cited in the Canadian statistics on Adderall. We hope this draws attention to the seriousness of this matter.

We applaud and support your efforts.

Lynne & Carter Gregg
Issaquah, WA


Just a brief note to let you know that I really appreciate your website. It has given me some great info to cite in my papers as I am getting ready to receive my associates degree and move on to a four year college where I will be studying for psychology. My goal is to work with children who have ADD/ADHD to live productive lives with little or no help for stimulants. On this the morning of my persuasive speech, I want to thank you for so much info. I realize how hard it is to lose a family member. It is great that this is the way you have chosen to cope. Again thank you.


Jane Moreland


Thank you so much for your help. This is such a relief to me!
Best regards,


I just had to send a note to say a great big thank you for this site and all the information. I am currently being pressured by my son's teacher to put him on Ritalin and being made to feel I am doing him an injustice as he won't reach his academic potential without the use of these drugs. My son is in grade 3 and his problems are mainly his inability to focus in the classroom setting. He is not hyper, is not disruptive in the class and is always trying hard to please. I have been really struggling with what to do. I did not want to start medicating him but felt maybe I was doing the wrong thing and might regret it down the road. After finding this site and reading the information you have posted I will definitely not give in to the pressure from the school. My IEP meeting is coming up shortly and thanks to you I will go in fully prepared for the confrontation I know is coming. My heart goes out to all who have had the tragic loss of a child because of these drugs or whose child who in any way has been adversely affected by these drugs.

Juls H.


So sorry to hear about your son, it breaks my heart. I have a 7 year old who definitely busy. I’ve been considering talking to the teacher about ADHD, now I don’t think so. Thanks for taking the time to care.

Ann Marie Snider,


To the creators of the website:

First, please allow me to express my sympathy to you for your loss. My heart goes out to you. I personally have not experienced such loss or pain, but grieve for any parent who has lost a child!

I want to thank you for your website and the information contained within. My 8-year-old son's school is strongly recommending the ADHD/Ritalin route. They want our physician to prescribe Ritalin, to which I have strongly objected. Our pediatrician has also voiced his objections, stating that my child is merely highly energetic and that his condition is not medicinally treatable. We are currently looking into other causes of his "high energy" such as convergence insufficiency and diet. God created him, and I know God has created something to get this "condition" under control. By the way, we don't have the same observations at home as they supposedly have at school!

Again, please accept our most sincere sympathy for your loss, and thank you, thank you, thank you!


Our son was Ritalin for years. He wanted to stop taking for a while and see how things went. It wasn't until he was taken off the medicine that I started working on a paper for school. When I started digging for info for my paper I was shocked at all of the effects that this drug had, yet doctors kept quiet. I was horrified that I let my son take this medicine. The doctors stressed that it was perfectly safe. I am so glad that we caught this in time, because we were getting ready to have him put back on Ritalin. I am so sorry for what you have been through. But what I really wanted to say was I am glad that you are out there and working to letting people know the truth. If it had not been for your website I may have had my son taking this medicine again. I want to really thank you for what you are doing I am not so sure if I would have been able to went on... had this horrible thing happened to our family. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Harrison & Vickie Barger


I am very sorry to read your story,
I thank you very much for the information. My child was diagnosed with ADHD 5 years ago. I decided not to give him Ritalin. We are in a stage that is very hard with him. After reading what you wrote I will be stronger and I will not give him Ritalin.



I just wanted you to know that your website was one of many that I visited when my son's school tried to force me to put my 2nd grade son on Ritalin. Thanks to your website and others like it I became informed enough to have confidence in what I already knew - my son was perfectly normal. He's 9 now and in 4th grade without ever being put on drugs. I just wanted to let you know your website has made a difference. Thanks.

Richard Morrow
Woodland Hills, CA


Dear Lawrence and Kelly,
my name Keith and I will trust your confidence as believers in Christ. I was diagnose with adhd as a child and still struggle with it in my adult life. I was researching some medications and have experience with Ritalin and wanted to thank you for the information on your website. I am happy to know that your sons' experience can be used for the benefit of others.
Thank you. Keith


I am very thankful because I saw all your information while researching about Ritalin ,since my son who is 6 has adhd, now I feel most confident in my denial to not accept that drug in my son

Thank you very much


I am a school social worker and reading this article as I feel it is important to learn both the pros and cons of the use of prescription medications with regards to "treating ADHD".

I have to comment on a school social worker who would dare to threaten a family with child protective services for not putting a child on Ritalin, that is very poor professional ethics. It is our job as school social workers to educate parents on their options and respect decisions that parents make for their own children.

I am so sorry you were treated the way you were. A family who chooses not to use medications for their child with regard to treated ADHD/ADD, is not a family who is medically neglecting their child. It is a personal choice which should be respected.

And certainly I am so so sorry for the loss of your child.

School Social Worker



Our son was recently tested and was well above average in every area exception "concentration". Thus he has been "diagnosed" with ADHD and one of the "doctors" involved suggested Ritalin saying all the stuff you have probably heard before. Granted he is inattentive, is easily distracted, and fails to finish tasks, etc. Based on what I read so far he does seem to have ADHD.

He is an extremely smart boy, but "can't sit still".

For me, given the choice of what Ritalin or whatever might bring and risk the possibility of loosing him, the choice is clear.

Best Regards,


I took my child to the doctor today for an ear infection, along with a note from his school teacher describing his behavior. He prescribed Concerta after talking to me a total of 3 minutes. I wanted to research he drug and came across your site. Thank you I feel like your Matthew has saved my Matthew. I am sorry for your loss but what you are doing for others is outstanding. Bless you and thank you again.

Miss Dana


Dear Lawrence and Kelly Smith,

Thank-You so much for all of the information that you have provided about your son Matthews death due to the prescription Ritalin. Myself and my fellow classmates are doing a research project on Children that are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD whether or not they should be put on Ritalin. Due to all of your hard work doing research, we have come to the conclusion that children should not be prescribed Ritalin to deal with their problems.
Thank-You again.

Chanai, Amanda, Adriel and Derrick
(Oakmont High School; Roseville, California)

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