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The Truth Behind ADHD
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National Alliance against Mandated Mental Health
Screening and Psychiatric Drugging of Children
Children's Deaths Caused From ADD & ADHD Drugs
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ADHD Treatment Deaths:

Assault & Battery--Murder By Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD 7-5-02

Consider the following regarding the "epidemiology" of psychiatric "diseases" none of them diseases: "Mental and emotional disorders were added to IDEA in 1991. Since that time, the rates of diagnosis and drugging of school-aged children has increased dramatically." "...the rate [in Minnesota] of emotionally and behaviorally disturbed (EBD) children has increased 136%, and 'other health impairment,' which includes ADD, has gone up 930%. The EBD category is used especially frequently to label minority children. Minnesota is usually number one or two in the nation for use of that label on African and Native American students."

Chairman Cornelius Gallagher stated at The Right to Privacy Inquiry Hearing, Federal Involvement in the Use of Behavior Modification Drugs on Grammar School Children, Subcommittee on The Committee on Government Operations House of Representatives 91st Congress, Second Session September 29, 1970: "One of our witnesses today has been quoted as saying that the use of this type of therapy will "zoom" from its current usage in approximately 200,000 to 300,000 American children today.

That witness was Dr. Ronald Lipman, Chief, Clinical Studies Section, FDA. Throughout their testimony at the hearing, psychiatrists referred to "hyperactivity" and "minimal brain dysfunction," "MBD" as being actual diseases.

Gallagher was doubtful. It was not that they had discovered actual diseases of the brain or body, because they never have. Rather they had struck upon an new market strategy; they would insist to all patients and to the public that all things psychiatric, emotional and behavioral were actual brain diseases, due to chemical imbalances of the brain to justify medication treatment in every case: "chemical balancers" supplied of course by controlling partner in the cartel, Big Pharma, to treat the "chemical imbalances." They surmised, even 32 years ago, in 1970 that "invent a disease and they will come, and they will see themselves as patients, and they will accept their diagnoses and their chemical balancers and the epidemic would "zoom".

To all patients and parents who write me through my web site, who I do not have the time to answer, the answer is simple and short: There is no such thing as a psychiatric, emotional or behavioral disease, this is a total 100% fraud. Every time they tell you a psychiatric condition or diagnosis is a disease, they lie to you and trample your fundamental right to informed consent. Every time they have you take a drug or give you shock treatment or involuntarily hospitalize you as "treatment" for what they call a "disease" they commit assault and battery against you. Whenever, in the course of such "treatment" (assault and battery) the patient dies, it all having begun with a knowing lie and fraud, what we have is murder. Matthew Smith, son of Larry and Kelly Smith, Stephanie Hall, daughter of Janet and Mike Hall and Shaina Dunkle, daughter of Vickie and Steve Dunkle all died from the medications given them as "treatment" for the fraudulent, invented, contrived, non-existent "disease" ADHD. All three, in a very real sense were murdered. All 200 methylphenidate (Ritalin) deaths reported to the FDA, 1990-2000, having begun with the lie that the children had a disease, ADHD, that doesn't exist, are, in every sense of the word--murder.

Wake up America.

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