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Finding and Treating The Underlying Causes of the Symptoms

Some Adults Do Have Symptoms But It's Not Adult ADD Or ADHD
Many adults do have problems and symptoms that are being called Adult ADD. They struggle with a lack of focus, disorganization, restlessness, difficulty finishing projects, losing things and even with reading and memory. But there are many common health and perceptual problems that can cause these symptoms.

Normal Behaviors
Many of the symptoms described as Adult ADD are normal behaviors that people experience everyday such as feeling distracted, disorganized, having trouble waiting in line, fidgeting or to procrastinate on projects that take a lot of attention to detail.

Drug Side-Effects
The drugs used to treat Adult ADD carry many serious side-effects including psychotic episodes, anxiety, restlessness, mania, seizures, suicide, impaired judgment and more. The cardiac side-effects include heart attack, cardiac arrhythmias, palpitations, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke and congestive heart failure.

Dr. Block's Non-Drug Approach Helps Adults With Attention Problems
Dr. Block's approach to treating people who have been diagnosed with Adult ADD or those who have these symptoms, is to look for the underlying medical causes of the symptoms and treat them instead of covering the symptoms with psychiatric drugs that can cause side-effects. When you find and fix the underlying problem, there is no need for drugs.

Some of the most common causes of the attention symptoms in adults include:

Allergies and Sensitivities
Allergies can affect how we think, feel and act. Allergy cells, called mast cells, are found throughout the body, including the lungs, the skin, the bladder, the muscles and the brain. This is why each of these body areas can be affected when exposed to certain allergens. One person may get a runny nose, while another gets asthma, and still another becomes lethargic or experiences hyperactivity or learning problems. Exposures to various chemicals can cause nervous system reactions such as headaches, mental fuzziness and difficulty focusing. When these allergies and sensitivities are uncovered and successfully treated, the symptoms resolve.

Nutritional Deficiencies
Our bodies depend on nutrients to function. If we don't get enough of the right nutrients, our body and brain can't work appropriately. There are literally hundreds of articles in the medical literature showing a correlation between certain nutritional deficiencies and memory and concentration problems. There are blood tests available to help identify nutritional deficiencies.

Perceptional Problems
Many adults have worked very hard to compensate for basic processing skills they lack or have not developed properly. These skills include the ability to receive and process information optimally through the three senses, spatial, auditory and visual. The Block Center provides a 10 hour accelerated training program that simultaneously combines these three proven training programs to target and enhance spatial, auditory and visual processing. This program can help improve perception, organization and the ability to process information. Improvements in such areas as organizational skills, efficiency, reading ability and memory and multi-tasking have been documented. 

Hormone Imbalances
Progesterone plays an important role in memory and the functioning of nerve cells in the brain. When the levels of estrogen and progesterone fluctuate in the body, women can experience memory difficulties, difficulty concentrating or "foggy" thinking. These symptoms can be addressed effectively when the hormones are balanced with bio-identical or natural hormones.

Thyroid Problems
A properly functioning thyroid gland is extremely important for your metabolism. When the thyroid doesn't work properly many of your bodily functions can suffer. The thyroid can produce too much of the hormone which is called hyperthyroidism or too little which is called hypothyroidism. Symptoms of low thyroid include fatigue, poor attention, weight gain, cold hands or feet. When thyroid hormone replacement is prescribed, the problems improve. Symptoms of too much thyroid include rapid heart rate and inability to sit still and focus.


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