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Homeschooling and global tyranny

By Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld

This is the homeschooling convention season, and all across America parents and children are crowding into convention centers, listening to speakers, attending workshops, and examining the wares of hundreds of vendors selling books, curricula, games, CD-ROMs -- you name it. Since public school authorities always complain of lack of parental interest in their children's education, it's a great pleasure watching parents at homeschool conventions poring over books, listening attentively to speakers, purchasing curricula. If anything, homeschooling has made these parents intensely interested in the education of their children. This can only benefit the family and the society we live in.

America is at a very crucial period in its history. Our national sovereignty is being continually diminished by the New World Order clique that wants us to spearhead the movement into world government. This century of wars has been politically plagued by two insane ideas: communism and world government. Communism has led to untold mass murder and destruction. World Government has led us into NATO, which has decided to become the military force needed to impose the New World Order on recalcitrant nations. Thus, it couldn't wait to lead us into a war in the Balkans, a prelude of more to come. This war could have been avoided had NATO used the same kind of diplomacy and pressures that were put on South Africa to change. But NATO needed war to further its own agenda.

NATO, it should be stated, is not a Christian organization. It is humanism in action, devoted to the destruction of national sovereignty and the imposition of world government. Its aim is to impose Western-style democracy on all of the nations of the world. But it is hardly using democratic means to do so. NATO did not ask the American people if it wanted its pilots and bombers to rain death and destruction on the people of Yugoslavia, who themselves are engaged in a civil insurrection in one of their provinces.

But eventually, the world government clique will have to impose its will on the American people. They will do so when the time is ripe and the situation irreversible. Americans will be given the same ultimatum that it gave Milosevic: surrender or die. But they will not be able to give Americans that ultimatum as long as the people still have their guns. That is why the movement against Second Amendment rights has been intensified. They will use an aroused public opinion as the "democratic" battering ram to destroy the Second Amendment. (The other night, the moron who hosts "Politically Incorrect," was all for getting rid of the Second Amendment. And he got much applause from an audience with the discernment of an ostrich.)

Meanwhile, American children in American schools are being indoctrinated in world citizenship and away from patriotism, which is called ethnocentrism. But there's a fly in the ointment. It is called homeschooling. Most homeschoolers are Christians who have recognized that the humanistic philosophy of the public schools is destructive of their children's belief in biblical religion. By opting out of the government system, they have rejected the statist claim that children are a state resource, to be exploited and used by the state for the state. When homeschoolers teach American history, they teach basic American principles of freedom and independence. They teach what the founding fathers taught. This is anathema to the world government clique.

It was Cecil Rhodes, the diamond-mining magnate, who in the late 1890s conceived the idea of a world government, run mainly by the Anglo-Saxons, as a means of imposing permanent peace on nations by simply being strong and ruthless enough to suppress war. But apparently, he overlooked a very simple problem: if you have to use war to eliminate war, have you really achieved peace? I suppose by being ruthless enough you can discourage anyone from resisting the imposition of your authority. Since Rhodes was convinced that his Anglo-Saxon authority would be benevolent, the idea of imposing it by force on others didn't bother him at all.

But, like communism, the idea of world government not only goes against human nature but against everything we have learned in history. Already, we see in the European Union, a top-heavy bureaucracy imposing its rules and regulations on every facet of economic life. And it is doing the same in education. It is telling individuals that they must conform to the new order or be crushed. They are telling parents that they must surrender their children to the state or lose them.

Can that happen here? The American homeschool movement is not only growing in size but in political clout. For example, the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) already has a very good presence in the halls of Congress. It may not have the clout of the National Education Association, but it is giving conservative lawmakers the backing they need. That the HSLDA is also a Christian organization makes it all that more important. Biblical religion is still a force to be reckoned with in America. It represents the strongest bulwark against humanism and the all-powerful state.

That is why the homeschool movement is so important to America. It is serving notice on our state and national legislators that this is still a constitutional republic in which parental rights are to be upheld and respected by our elected officials. The sole purpose of government, according to our Declaration of Independence, is to secure the unalienable rights of our people to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The right to life means ending legalized abortion and keeping us out of wars that can be avoided. Liberty means freedom of speech, religion, the right to self-defense by bearing arms, the freedom of parents to raise and educate their children according to their own values.

The pursuit of happiness means being able to build a business, fall in love, create a family, pursue a career, manage your own life to suit your own temperament, dream great dreams, build a house, live where you want to live, travel where you want to travel, read what you want to read, learn what you want to learn. That's the essence of the American way, and homeschoolers, by taking charge of their children's education, are doing more to defend it than any other group I know of.

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