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Kansas Holistic M.D.

Find a local Holistic Medical Doctor; there are many alternative means to controlling symptoms of a child diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, before drugs are used.


What does a holistic medical doctor do?

The work of a holistic medical doctor represents the best of both worlds — a unique blend of conventional Western medicine and alternative medicine. These M.D.s incorporate at least one type of complementary medicine — perhaps acupuncture or herbal therapy — into their medical practice.

The holistic doctor offers the perfect solution for patients who want to benefit from both the technological advances of Western medicine and the preventive, natural approach advocated by complementary modalities.

Meeting with a holistic doctor will involve the two of you discussing in-depth your medical history and treatment options. Diagnostic tests (blood-pressure, blood work, urinalysis) may be required to check your health. Your initial visit could last for more than an hour since this is your first opportunity to establish a working relationship.

In the case of holistic medicine, physician and patient work as a team. You can discuss the extent to which you’re willing to try the natural, non-drug alternative therapies and at what point you wish to have access to prescription drugs.


Kansas Holistic Medical Doctors will be listed here.

This is a Brand New Kansas Holistic M.D. Directory; Advertising with us will give your services more exposure and help many people from being misdiagnosed with mental disorder's or drugged. For instructions on how to be listed above go to: Advertising

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