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West Virginia Speech and Language Specialists

Find West Virginia Speech Language specialist, children misdiagnosed with ADHD could have Speech Language difficulties. Therapy can be very helpful.

A speech and language pathologist is an individual engaged in the practice of speech-language pathology.

Speech disorders treated by speech-language pathologists include voice disorders (abnormalities in pitch, volume, vocal quality, or resonance or duration of sounds), articulation disorders (problems producing speech sounds), and fluency disorders (impairment in speech fluency, such as stuttering). Language disorders include developmental or acquired conditions that lead to difficulties in understanding or producing language. Speech-language pathologists participate in the screening, assessment, and treatment of patients who experience one or a combination of these disorders.

Speech and language pathology means applying principles, methods or procedures of prevention, identification, evaluation, consultation, intervention, instruction or research related to speech, language, cognition or swallowing or any abnormal condition involving speech, articulation, fluency, voice, verbal or written language, auditory comprehension, cognition or communication or oral, pharyngeal or laryngeal sensorimotor competencies.

Also Children with auditory processing disorder usually work with a speech therapist.

Auditory Processing Disorder previously known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder is often misdiagnosed as certain learning disabilities and ADHD.

Speech and Language Specialist Directory

West Virginia Speech and Language Specialists will be listed here.

This is a Brand New West Virginia Speech and Language Specialist Directory; Advertising with us will give your services more exposure and help many people from being misdiagnosed with mental disorder's or drugged. For instructions on how to be listed above go to: Advertising

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