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Wisconsin Allergists

Find Wisconsin Allergist, children misdiagnosed with ADHD could be suffering from food allergies, hidden food sensitivities, food preservatives & dyes.

An Allergist is a physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

A person can be allergic to nearly anything so check for all forms. Food is one of the primary causes of allergic reactions. If a child eats food they are allergic to, the body will not run properly and that may affect behavior.

Diagnosis of food allergies is fairly easy and certain. A blood test called a RAST or ELIZA can detect the presence of a specific IgE and identify the allergic food(s). It cannot however, pick up the presence of other immunoglobulins, like Immunoglobulin G (IgG), which is associated with delayed allergic reactions.

Approximately 90 percent of all food allergies are caused by eight foods, including the following: milk, eggs, wheat, soy, tree nuts, fish, shellfish and peanuts.

The term "food allergy" refers to adverse immunologic reactions to food. Food allergy is usually mediated by IgE antibody directed to specific food proteins, but other immunologic mechanisms can also play a role. The primary target organs for food allergic reactions are the skin, the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory system. Both acute reactions (hives and anaphylaxis) and chronic disease (asthma, atopic dermatitis and gastrointestinal disorders) may be caused or exacerbated by food allergy. The foods most commonly causing these reactions in children are milk, egg, peanuts, soy, wheat, tree nuts, fish and shellfish; in adults, they are peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and fish. The diagnosis of food allergy requires a careful search for possible causes, confirmation of the cause(s) with supporting tests, including specific tests for IgE (i.e., prick skin tests, radioallergosorbent tests) and, in some cases, oral food challenges. Treatment consists of elimination of the causal food(s) along with medical treatment, including the prompt self-administration of epinephrine in the event of a serious reaction.

There are a couple of big differences between immediate food allergies and delayed food allergies, also called delayed food hypersensitivities.

Immediate food allergies
Immediate food allergies are allergies that occur within a few minutes after the offending food is eaten. These types of allergies range from mere annoyances to life-threatening allergies.

Delayed Food Allergies
Delayed food allergies are similar to immediate food allergies in that they cause a bad reaction to food. The biggest difference is that those bad reactions occur later, anywhere from an hour to a day or more later. Delayed food allergies are not life-threatening, but the certainly can make you miserable.

Some Conditions Related to Food Intolerance
Gastrointestinal disorders, Structural abnormalities: hiatal hernia, pyloric stenosis, Hirschsprung's disease, tracheoesophageal fistula, Disaccharidase deficiencies: lactase, sucrase-isomaltase complex, glucose-galactose complex, Pancreatic insufficiency: cystic fibrosis, Gallbladder disease, Gallbladder disease, Peptic ulcer disease, Peptic ulcer disease, Malignancy, Metabolic disorders, Galactosemia, Phenylketonuria, Pharmacologic-related conditions, Jitteriness (caffeine), Pruritus (histamine), Headache (tyramine), Disorientation (alcohol), Psychologic disorders, Neurologic disorders, Gustatory rhinitis, Auriculotemporal syndrome (facial flush from tart food), Nonimmunologic adverse reactions to food.

There are Laboratories that can test for delayed food allergies, food additives, dyes, and chemicals. You can request a blood test that will reveal these types of allergies.

Allergies and Behavior

Allergist Directory

Wisconsin Allergists will be listed here.

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